My second to last semester of undergrad is complete, I now only have 1 more class to take and I’ll have my BA! It’s super exciting news, I should be much more excited than I feel. I’ve narrowed down my list of grad schools, top choice is San Diego State University, I know the metals program there isn’t as renowned, prestigious, or even good, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to move back to California and now I’ve found it. Second choice is UMASS Dartmouth, third is RISD, fourth is SUNY New Paltz.

I’ve been keeping myself busy trying to get my work into as many exhibitions and competitions as I can possibly get into – for the experience, and grad school consideration. I’m not doing too shabby, I still need more finished portfolio worthy pieces which I’m steadily coming up with. I’ve come to find that I often get bored when cracking out a single project, boredom often leads to mistakes being made and lost of drive. To combat this boredom I’ve decided to work on multiple projects at once, I feel more like a working metalsmith/jewelry designer now that I have to force myself to multitask. Seeing the results of multiple projects coming to life all at once is a great feeling.

Sorry I don’t have any photos aside from this crappy one (I’m still trying to figure out how to work this DSLR camera). I’ve been in a necklace making frenzy lately. I revisited Forget (necklace) by taking the idea of the hands untying a knot, remixing imagery by making the elements smaller and more detailed. I am making this revision in both sterling silver and yellow brass. Overall, I am satisfied with the outcome, but for some reason the impact of these revisions aren’t as profound to me. Maybe it’s the actual idea of the piece which makes me not like it as much, as if the “specialness” and allure of it all has faded. As more photos are created I’ll keep them coming.


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  1. She ra says:

    Use a higher aperture like F8 or higher next time to get the whole thing in focus.

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