Ready, Set, Grow!

What a month it’s been. I can’t begin to tell you how life altering these past couple of weeks have been for me – so I won’t. This is mainly a jewelry blog after all. To be short and sweet I will recap: I was unhealthy, mentally, physically, and emotionally. So I made several changes, positive assertive thinking, rejoined a gym, and figured out a thing or two about emotional control (no need to elaborate on that, for reals).

Side note: I’m going to be in a bike-a-thon and am seeking donations which go towards funding local cancer treatment, I will be riding 50 or 75 miles (I haven’t decided which one yet). If you would like to donate, or check out what the bike-a-thon is all about, please click on the following link:

On the jewelry front I was selected to exhibit two of my pieces in the Peninsula Art League’s juried exhibition at the Gig Harbor Convention Center in Washington state. The theme of the exhibition is “Outside Your Comfort Zone.” A majority of the entrants are paintings, I did however notice 2 or 3 other metals/jewelry pieces, in particular a piece by Alaskan jeweler Joan Tenenbaum titled Chulitna River Reflection Cuff Bracelet:

beautifully crafted silver, copper, keum boo

The two pieces accepted into the exhibition were:

“A time when love exceeded realities, when we overcame all boundaries people warned would destroy us.”


Now I just need to figure out how to ship my pieces…I think a box and some bubble wrap is a good start:

The next post will include my progressions on the tubular Rings Bro’s! Till then stay ffffffrrrrrreeeeeeeeesssshhhhhhh!


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