Tubular Ring, Bro part 2

There’s always something that drives me to create, sometimes it’s a number of things coupled together which inspires me, this time it’s something someone said to me.

“Go with the flow, there’s no need to fight it, just relax, she said.

The Tubular Ring, Bro series’ name comes from a friend I had, she’d often quip the end of sentences with the funny noun. My inspiration comes from the flex-like-dynamic feel these rings impart on the viewer. These rings are an objectified version of me – “going with the flow.”

Going back to my tube ring series here is #2 of a 5 part series. The remaining 3 will be finished during the upcoming semester. The ring was created in similar fashion as the previous ring, annealed, bent with tube bending jigs, extended with a larger size tube, then another larger size tube, with jump rings over the soldered areas to hide the messiness. This time I had the intuition of using fine silver tube instead of sterling silver tube to set the upside down CZ’s.


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