Senior Thesis

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally hit the home stretch. I’ve been quite busy as a result of me taking three jewelry studio courses, it’s been hard juggling my time put into each class. My top priority has been Senior Studio, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking, designing, and creating.

My senior thesis is an evolving process, changes are made quite frequently, thus, it’s hard for me to concretely say exactly what my senior thesis is. The idea behind my work this semester entails an introspective body of work. Similar to my previous inspirations, only this time creating a series of my choice. My chosen weapon, wax casting. The general idea behind my work will be inspired by opposing forces within the self, aptly titled, “Oppositions.” I’ve decided to abstract this time around, versus my past literal sensibilities.

I’ve decided on a 3 part series, the first (which was originally suppose to be a brooch – as I mentioned, ever evolving) is a pendant necklace. I have to add, most of my work is more sculptural rather than functional, wearable jewelry just isn’t my deal. The first set of images is the unfinished oppositions necklace, the second set is a headless snake ring I’ve been working on for my wax casting independent study. Enjoy!


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